Stabilized helicopter camera mounts.

Vertigo owns and operates 2 camera mounts. The Gyromaster side mount is gyrostabilized.  The Phillips nose mount is not.

Cineflex, Gyron Stab-C or other ball mounts can be arranged by us for your shoot.  Contact for details and a quote.

Gyromaster sidemount.


The Gyromaster side mount is a traditional side mount, capable of shooting out either left or ritght side of the helicopter.

Sidemount with Arri 435 and Ang 25-250

Gyromaster stabilized side mount seen here on the left side of a Bell 206 Long Ranger


Pan range is 100 degr.

Tilt range is 120 degr.

Downward view only limited by skids.

Roll + – 90 degr.

Moves on 5 axis supported by 3 KS8 gyros.

Max camera weight is aprox 50 lbs.

Typical 35mm lens usage is 25-250.

Accepts all cameras, SD video, HD video, 16 and 35mm film.





Phillips nose mount

This mount is hard bolted to the nose of the helicopter, thus wider lenses are recomended.


Phillips nosemount on the Bell 206 helicopter.

Accepts most cameras, although we do not recommend the use of smaller type consumer video camera

Tilting is done remotely via control unit.s with fixed lenses.

Lens use is limited to the wider end, for example in the 35mm format we use lenses from 10mm up to 35.

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